Leadership Development Programs

I appreciated Dr. Hunter's information and the fact that  it had a scientific origin. Jeremy presented a new way of looking at emotional responses that have already helped me discuss 
 conflict in the workplace with colleagues.

I offer customizable programs that can be scaled from half-day presentations to multi-day development programs. They are fun, informative and practical. In addition to a learning a basic scientific foundation you will get tools that you can immediately use. These programs are guaranteed to create a positive buzz. A sampling of topics includes:

  • Focus is Power: Staying on Track in Distracting Environments

The essential ingredient for knowledge workers to perform is focused attention.  Yet, the contemporary workplace is a hornet's nest of distraction resulting in a sense of frenetic fragmentation and suboptimal results. This talk explores the essential role of focused attention in knowledge work and offers practical tools for managing distraction. The talk will draw upon the state-of-the-art research in neuroscience and psychology and includes practical tools you can put to immediate use. Expect a fun, lively, and engaging experience.

  • Leaders Manage Their Minds First: Mindfulness for Effective Action and Better Results

The life of the executive is largely making decisions and taking action to bring about a desired result. However, how do we understand the genesis of actions and the results they bring?  Moreover, how do we get effective results in an age of incessant distraction and disruption? Can we train our minds to be more effective? You will learn a powerful tool that helps you see your actions more clearly and create the possibility to create new choices. You will learn practical methods that you can put to immediate use that will help positively transform your results.  Expect a fun, lively, and engaging experience.

  • Resilience for the Long Run: Cultivating Sustainable Success

Because inappropriate survival reactions can derail you from your goals, undermine your relationships and damage your health, managing the survival/stress reaction is the first and most important effort in managing oneself.  Yet, this is an education most executives never receive.  We will explore the biology of the human nervous system and learn how step off of the mind's "hamster wheel" to stay calmly on track. The talk draws upon the state-of-the-art research in neuroscience and psychology and includes practical tools you can put to immediate use. Expect a fun, lively, and engaging experience.

  • What's Next?  Mindfully Managing Transition and Moving Forward

In a world of relentless change, you can be plunged into transitions without tools to effectively address the challenges that transitions bring. Without consciously understanding the transition process, you risk getting stuck in a disorienting, dispiriting quagmire with apparently few options for action. By bringing awareness to the three stages of transition and the needed efforts they demand, the transition process stands a greater chance of positively moving forward into new growth and opportunity. We will explore a map of how transitions work, the pitfalls inherent in the transition process and the important actions to successfully negotiate each stage. Expect a fun, lively, and engaging experience. 

  • The Productive Power of Growth Emotions: Building a Foundation for a Flourishing Future

Human beings default to focus on problems, weaknesses, and what’s going wrong. Left unchecked, this habit can undermine your ability to get unstuck, create new options and move forward. Drawing on state of the art research on growth emotions, this talk explores their productive power and how practically implement them in your working life. Growth emotions are the building blocks for new capacities in acting, relating and flourishing.