Looking for more information or resources?
Here are a set of links to organizations you might find useful:
For over 20 years, the Mind and Life Institute has been working to establish high-level dialogue and research partnerships between modern science and Buddhist practitioners. The goal is to advance scientific understanding of ways to improve human welfare and the quality of life. Through scientific research, public conferences, fascinating and accessible publications, Mind and Life has helped to drive whole new areas of research into neuroscience, physics, medicine, and education. If you are interested in the scientific aspects of meditation this is the place to start.
For over a decade the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society has pioneered the introduction of contemplative practices into institutions like law schools, higher education, journalism and social activism. They provide excellent resources for people who are interested in contemplative practices. The Center’s staff was instrumental in helping me with the starting phases of my work.
The Mindful Awareness Research Institute at UCLA is a path-breaking organization dedicated to researching and disseminating mindfulness practices. If you’re looking for information on meditation and Attention Deficit Disorder, look here. There’s a lot of good research material as well!
Perhaps you’re interested in an Executive Management degree or certificate program? The Drucker School of Management offers a flexible and fascinating education in the human side of management, specializing in leadership and strategy. Our small class sizes and warm community feeling makes this an ideal place to learn and prepare yourself for the second half of your life. As one of my students said, “I was prepared for the rigorous coursework, but I wasn’t prepared for the transformation of me.”
The Southern California Leadership Network, a partnership with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, brings together leaders from business, government and community sectors to address critical challenges facing Southern California. The organization's core programs, Leadership L.A. and Leadership Southern California, do a fantastic job of educating fellows on the region’s issues and identifying positive opportunities for engaging them. In 2010, I began working with the Network. I integrate methods for self-management into their programs as well as offer leadership development courses through the network.
If you’re looking for an excellent group of seasoned executive coaches please consider Corporate Coaching International. Led by Dr. Lois Frankel, CCI’s team-based approach brings together professionals of varied talents and expertise. CCI can help your organization enhance its effectiveness and capabilities.
Sometimes people who come to me are interested in studying Buddhism. There are many excellent Buddhist organizations, but one I enthusiastically recommend is Unfettered Mind, lead by Ken McLeod. Ken’s clean, deep and modern approach to teaching Buddhist practice integrates traditional practices neatly into today’s world. The site is full of useful resources. If you’re curious about Buddhism, this is a great place to start.
Are you looking for a way to effectively sustain your mindfulness practice but have a hard time attending a retreat? Master teacher Shinzen Young offers a monthly Home Practice Program that allows you to deepen your practice from your own home. They are powerful and held regularly, starting on the second Friday of each month.
The California Health and Longevity Institute offers interdisciplinary wellness and performance programs for corporate groups who understand the link between their personal well-being and workplace performance. CHLI’s programs bring together experts in nutrition, fitness, and personal performance and transformation to catalyze a deep change in participants.