I strive to make working together a positive experience that meets you and your organization’s goals. Here is feedback I’ve received from clients over the years:

“Jeremy Hunter has been a great resource to our firm, working with top leaders and managers throughout the organization. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of Jeremy’s investment in learning about our organization and his genuine curiosity for our culture. That investment informed a highly customized learning experience that our people could immediately relate to.
In my journey discovering how mindfulness practices are being applied in the business world, I’ve mostly met two kinds of advocates. First are business people who have quickly grabbed on to a few useful concepts, but who seem to lack the mindfulness street-cred to give me confidence they bring a deeper context to their teachings. Second are mindfulness practitioners new to the business world, whose sincerity is profound, but whose vocabulary and communication styles can be quite alienating to novices like me.
Jeremy has earned deep respect in both communities and converses easily with both crowds. I would say he walks both paths, but in fact, I think his secret is that he’s succeeded in making them one path.
Jeremy’s teaching is helping our managers focus their attention on what drives intended results. And just as importantly, it taps into positive, personal motivators rather than fear, which motivates more of us than might admit it.”

–Brian Kreischer, Managing Partner Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP

“Jeremy Hunter delivered our keynote speech with such impact that the room of Board Members and Administrators from all over the state was absolutely mesmerized! Jeremy has a way to getting in to your inner mind and body to deliver a new perspective on how to live your life. Moments after his powerfully moving presentation, all the delegates were talking about being “mindful” and “present.” This trance lasted the entire conference and influenced every session afterward – the ideal effect! Jeremy’s session was so potent, I hired him back as a featured Power Seminar presenter immediately.”

–Paul Jan Zdunek Chief Executive Officer

“I strongly endorse the impact of Dr. Jeremy Hunter’s program for greater personal focus and effectiveness. Dr. Hunter’s concepts and approaches represent the 21st century when it comes to personal effectiveness. He goes beyond external tactics of time management and time and efficiency practices so popular in the last century. He guides the student into internal mental disciplines for more effective focus, concentration and creative insight.

We explored some of the countless forces that every executive faces such as stress, excessive time demands, and the negative effects of multi-tasking. But rather than concentrating on traditional time management strategies, the approach was to examine the internal mental disciplines that result in eliminating clutter and greater mental focus for results.

As a result, I made changes in my office and my home study to enhance my time spent on priority projects. Using techniques learned in class, I have discovered ways to get better focus and concentration when it counts most. While personal effectiveness is not always easy to quantify, I can truly say that I am more effective today in the priorities that count most to me.”

–Les Stocker, President, Braille Institute of America

“I wanted to more formally thank you for the exceptional job you did with the John Laing Homes Leadership Advantage Program.

We just completed a survey of the participants to see how they evaluated the program after several months back on their jobs. We could not have received higher evaluations. Each participant felt that they were significantly better leaders today, and each thought that they were better at managing themselves and their reactions to others. A couple of individuals wrote in some special notes of gratitude that we included your segment on the personal management of attention and emotional reactivity.

I personally love the delicate balance you display between being a knowledgeable expert with complete command of the subject matter and a genuine individual who listens and pays attention to the questions and concerns of the participants. It is an impressive set of talents that allow you to work easily with a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

I appreciate the credibility and the unique set of ideas and tools that you offer to my business clients. I look forward to working with you on many more projects in the future.

Of course, I must also acknowledge how much value your model and recommendations have been to me personally. I have more tools and a keener sense of awareness to handle life’s frustrations with more maturity and personal responsibility than I ever have. Thank you so much for adding so much to my life.”

–Joe D. Thigpen, President

“Dealing with disciplinary issues and terminations are some of the most difficult aspects of my job. Dr. Hunter taught me how to deal with them effectively and it has made a world of difference in how I approach my work. I am able to focus on the problem at hand, without personalizing the behaviors of the others involved, and work through the issues to come to a resolution. I am more productive because I’m not procrastinating in dealing with difficult personnel issues. And I can leave work at the end of the day without dwelling on the day’s challenges.”

–Vivian Ramirez, Vice President of Human Resources, CityView, Los Angeles

“From the evaluations of our conference I have to say without you as our “kick off” Keynote speaker in Portland, the conference would not have been as successful as it was.

The preliminary conversations that Kevin Price and I had with you prior to the conference were very productive. They helped us set the tone of our conference which obviously reflected in the overall evaluation. Here are a few quotes:

  • “Jeremy Hunter was fantastic”
  • “A positive experience”
  • “Keynote Speakers were so timely and applicable.”
  • “Far exceeded my expectations as a first time attendee”
  • “Keynote speaker was excellent, awesome, exceptional”
  • “The topic was perfect for the economic climate and what we're facing in our organizations.”
  • “Very informative and enlightening”

When asked what the participants liked best many said the “Keynote on the first day!” And that was Jeremy Hunter.

Personally, I heard comments after your concurrent session that many would like very much to take your courses and spend more time with you. Thank you again for helping in a major way of making our conference so successful!”

–Penny Jenkins, Chair, CUPA-HR Western Region Board

“Dr. Hunter inspires an audience to live in a new world of business as well as life. In a very unique way, he offers practical skills to be more productive, creative and innovative. His incredible life experiences and knowledge guide us to unforgettable experiences.

You will love it!”

–Jiro Atsuta, President, Forum Japan

“I learned to get a much better awareness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With this awareness came the freedom to respond consciously rather than react unconsciously to life’s daily experiences. On March 7th 2007 at around 2:00 pm I had a heart attack that lasted for 4 minutes. I am only 44 years old and have never been anything but healthy. Because of the meditation practice of focusing on my breath, I didn’t panic during the attack. I focused on my breath and waited until I could breath. When I could breath again I went to the nearest hospital. I told them that I thought I had a heart attack. After examination and test the Doctor said that I hadn’t had a heart attack, he wasn’t sure what had happened but it wasn’t a heart attack. I knew what I felt, I hoped that he was right. But deep inside I knew he was wrong, I could feel it.

Ten days later on March 17th I had my second heart attack. Again I didn’t panic. I focused on my breath and as soon as I could, I started to breath ever so easy until it passed. I went to a different hospital where they discovered a 99% blockage in my aortic artery. I had surgery to repair it the same day. What I learned from doing this work saved my life. I didn’t panic, my response was a conscious and mindful one.”

–Bill Calhoun, Vice President, SureCoat Systems

“From Jeremy I have learned the tools to create the person I aspire to be. They have changed my life forever . . . and definitely for the extraordinary. My emotional reactions to current situations are now managed by my increased physical awareness. I’m able to use curiosity to create choices that make me more professionally creative. Through focused attention I produce incredible results in less time and with much less stress. Life is less demanding and chaotic. I am happier and willing to experience and love myself and create truthful, genuine and intimate personal and professional relationships resulting in an amazing life.”

–Michelle F. Bell, Chief Financial Officer, Red Mountain Retail Group

“Thanks for hitting the high points on some very important issues.”

–Susan Barilich, Barilich Law

“Jeremy is a great presenter and made everyone comfortable.”

–Marcella Low, The Gas Company

“I am sure that by now Dena W. has contacted you and shared the evaluations from your presentation. The ratings were off the charts! You really hit a “home run” with our staff. Thanks again for your presentation.”

–Dan Offret, Executive Assistant to the President, Pima Community College